Piotr Putyło

Physics dropoff enthusiastic about ideas.

What I want to do

Since I remember, I didn't have the skills, time, and resources to use my creativity. Because of this, I developed 2do.net: "to do" network - a crowdsourcing website for cooperating on ideas. Although this could be a profitable business, I want to run it as a charity to not block people from using it.

What I'm doing

I'm studying journalism and working part-time jobs. Creating concepts and brainstorming are my specialties. My free time is busy with friends, classic rock music, documentary movies, and fresh air.

What I've done

I did many, many different jobs:

  • worked in the Laboratory of Molecular Basis of Synaptic Plasticity

  • helped organize promoting patents event with University Centre for Technology Transfer

  • used to be a video game tester, graphic designer, copywriter, background actor, blue-collar worker, math tutor, waiter, etc.

Quit different studies:

  • Economic informatics

  • Advertising and Public Relations

  • Molecular Biophysics